Sunday, August 5, 2012

Augusta, Maine 7/26-7/30

I was in Augusta, Maine between July 26 and 29  for workshops and lecture for the 35th Annual Show of Pine Tree Quilters Guild held at Augusta Civic Center.  The journey  from California to the northeast coast including a red-eye JetBlue flight  was somewhat long and  hard, but it was really worth it!  Upon arriving at the Portland jetport, I was warmly greeted by Jody.  The Preview Party in the same evening was followed by my 5th Dimension workshop and Folded Fabric Elegance lecture the next day.  On July 28, there was another workshop.  The lobster dinner with Beth  (President) and her husband Fred (with impressive mustache!), Nancy (program coordinator), and other teachers Margaret Miller and Nancy Price was just great!  It was fantastic to visit Fort Halifax.  On the 29th, there was one more workshop to teach.  I had a chance to visit the famous Marden's store right before my flight to CA on the 30th.  There were so many fabrics I wanted, but sadly I could only buy so much that my luggage could hold. Thanks,Kathleen, for having the 'sixth-sense' to find me at Marden's to offer a ride back to hotel!  It was great to experience the Maine hospitality.  Thank you very much, Nancy, Beth, Kathleen and the ladies of Pine Tree Quilters Guild!


wes marble said...

Rami, loved the classes at Maine Quilts BUT I can't seem to get the 22 square bag to "go together" you have a quick tutorial? I think I may have made my inside pocket a tad too big!!!!! Thanks for any help you have on this...

SdeL said...

Hi Rami,
I finished the 5th Dimension bag and it's been much admired. I added a pocket to the lining and a stiffened top border with a magnetic closure and leather handles. I like it so much I may not give it away.


Rami Kim said...

Dear Wes, refer to the diagram in the handout (with numbered squares). Find the same two symbols on the side squares, stitch them together by hand stiches. E-mail me at if you need further assitance. Thanks!