Sunday, March 21, 2010

My new episode 607 "Folded Fabric Elegance" for 'The Quilt show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson'

Remember I made a trip to Boulder, CO to tape my episode with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims last September?

Finally my web episode is out on March 29, 2010.

They have a special promotion for my blog friends to watch it free in the week of April 5-11 and to receive a discount on a TQS membership. I'll provide the link for how-to soon. Here is a link to watch the Trailer/commercial for my Episode 607:

Please watch and send me your comments after the show!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rami,

Am so excited that "the quilt show" recognized your awesome talent and is currently featuring your work. Have already folded two of the hexagons and my mind is whirling at the possibilities. Your class in Knoxville,TN (2009) was the highlight of my trip. Imagine my surprise when I recognized my back side in the pic posted on this blog spot. You are such a beautiful person and truly talented. I hope to be able to attend more of your classes in the future. Ruth in Yorktown, VA

Anonymous said...

Dear Rami
I bought your book Quilted Elegance at the Festival of Quilts show in Birmingham UK last year just because I loved the photograph on the front. I loved the projects in the book and have earmarked one of the bags to make to go with an outfit I have. Then to my delight I saw that you were doing a show for The Quilt Show. I've just watched it and the folding of the fabric looks so easy that I am going to cut out some squares to give to my daughters to do with paper while I do them with fabric. Your clothes are a feast for the eyes and for the heart. I am definitely going to buy your first book now. Please please keep doing more projects and more books. Best wishes from Linda in Dublin, Ireland